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Our schools are the foundation of our future as a community because when schools are strong, everyone benefits.  Given her work and commitment to students on a daily basis witnessing the impact of a solid foundation on college students, post-graduation trajectories, and long-term careers, Kelly recognizes the pivotal role of quality education.


Discovery and Growth

Giving students the room to learn, explore, discover, and grow to their fullest potential. 

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Empowering Minds

Equipping young minds for the opportunities and challenges of  21st-century work and life.

All Hands In

Collaborative Effort

Working together with parents and teachers to support learning and prepare students for the future.


Secure Spaces

Maintaining a physically and psychologically safe campus for students and teachers.

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Fiscally Responsible

Being a conscientious steward of funds to make limited budgets stretch without sacrificing quality.

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